HELLO FLOWERS always takes quality as the core. Trying every day to bring customers the best experience with the best product quality.
Customer satisfaction is the driving force for us to work and bring the best products.

Flowers come in all shapes and sizes. Likewise, some flowers fully bloom and some remain closed, while some varieties of roses have a rather distinctive fragrance, others are attractive for their pure beauty and elegance. It's important to note that choosing flowers that bloom in the cooler months isn't as great as in the warmer, summer months. This is not to say that they are of any lesser quality, they are simply another variation and you may sometimes want closed roses but the varieties of roses available are open and that should be admired. because of their natural character and because of the loving intent they sent. HELLO FLOWERS reserves the right to make what is available without further notice.

1 | Order Cancellation

HELLO FLOWERS will only process customer requests during business hours.
HELLO FLOWERS will work from 8 am to 5 pm.

Any issues that arise outside of our business hours will be resolved the next business day.
If the customer wishes to cancel the order, please contact our customer service and cancel at least 1 day before the requested delivery date. We may not cancel your order within the same day and you will not receive a refund.

If the order is a custom-made product, please contact our customer service . Essentially, custom-made products cannot be canceled and refunded.

2 | Change Application

If the customer wants to change the order, please contact our customer service no later than 1 day before the requested delivery date. We cannot change or cancel your order same day and you will not receive a refund.

If the order is for a custom-made product, please check with our customer service. Essentially, custom-made products cannot be changed and refunded.

3 | To return

If there is a quality problem (damage or breakage of the item) due to the fault of  HELLO FLOWERS, we will provide a replacement of the same good quality and return the damaged item.


Our customer service department:  0985 687 549
We will try to support our customers in the best way to benefit both parties.
An unfortunate mistake is a situation that neither the customer nor the HELLO FLOWERS expect to happen.
However, if that happens, we also hope that customers and HELLO FLOWERS can exchange goodwill and come up with the best solution for both sides, avoiding wasting time and money.

HELLO FLOWERS would like to thank our customers for trusting and supporting our products!
We hope you have a pleasant experience and always support us in the future.